Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

ini apa ?

Are you okay zah ?
im okaaayyyy
im not sure youre in good condition 
what do you mean ?
i mean yah , somehow i see a different person 
do you mean i have a twin ?
no , i dont mean that
sooooooo ?
did you lost something ?
mmmm , i lost my FD , i lost my note, etc . too many things lost nowadays, i couldnt remember which one you mean
gaaahhh , did you hit your head ?
im sure you did it
why ?
cause something happened in your head. something  important maybe, that ah I event cant say any words to explain it , but I'm pretty sure that something wrong happened in your head . You cant ignore it , your heart and 'you' know it better . dont lie to yourself . read more, act wisely , dont over react to something, and you have to believe that the future of yours must be bright and Allah always  have  better plan , go go go do something , YOU CAN !
tsssss ...... *rain 

something wrong happened actually . 
tsssssss ...... *rain  

that feeling when you blame yourself for everything , that guilty feeling ..... 


Ratih Handayani mengatakan...

semangat :)

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